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EABD Charities Inc.

EABD Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has the mission of providing commemorative and celebratory events to groups and institutions unable to afford the costs of professional party planning and coordinating services. EABD Charities, Inc. is the philanthropic arm of Exclusive Affairs by Destiny, LLC, a premier, full-service event planning firm serving Orlando, Florida and beyond.

Our passion is having the opportunity to utilize our creativity, professional expertise, organizational abilities, and networks to create memories that our clients will remember forever. We believe that everyone should be able to have the event of their dreams, especially when they are the guest of honor.

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How can you help?

EABD Charities, Inc. will partner with schools, churches, community agencies, and local businesses in order to offer the parties. We will seek in-kind donations of available space (multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums, and outdoor field space) to host the parties in central, easily accessible locations and to prioritize expenses for the guests of honor. In addition to aggressively seeking grant funding, we will also seek sponsorship from local and national businesses in the form of financial contributions or in-kind donations of merchandise, money and gift cards (for birthday gifts); party supplies and equipment (tables, chairs, and concession machines); coupon cards or promotional items (for goodie bags); and birthday cakes. We will host drives (and encourage our partners and volunteers to host drives) to collect these items over time, as well. Finally, we will recruit and encourage volunteerism especially in decorating and setting up parties and in facilitating birthday party games; indeed, we would love to have adults volunteer as individuals (parents, educators, administrators) and as corporate teams participating in their respective community outreach initiatives.

Premier Birthday Parties

Ideally, we aim to provide at one to two birthday parties each month to honor youth born in that respective month. We would prefer to avoid overcrowding any individual party so that the youth do not feel unattended; a second party would not only allow for young guests of honor to be spread out, but would also better ensure that a young person is not restricted from participating because of a one-shot scheduling conflict. It is undetermined how many youth will be honored at each party. Certainly, we will need to scale our offerings as we come to understand our available resources. Further, we will necessarily be mindful of a maximum guest allowance and of finding the line between offering a well-coordinated, beautifully decorated event and providing activities and gifts for take home. Our goal is simple: we want young people to feel special for their birthdays, to share the occasion with people who love them, and to have ritualistic birthday souvenirs (birthday card, gift, and a craft) to remember the event for years to come.

Premier Annual Kiddieland Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a 2,000-year-old Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A central belief for Christians worldwide and the focal point of their faith. We use this day to celebrate life, family and fun with the community.

The Premier Kiddieland Easter Egg Hunt is a fun family event that allows parents to celebrate with their children and have a special day at no charge. EABD Charities Inc. hosts a fun Easter egg hunt, providing a food, games, music and easter egg baskets filled with goodies for the children. This is a family-friendly Easter event. We are so grateful to celebrate together every year.